Last Updated On :  December 15 2017
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When Abraham Maslow had proposed the highly popular hierarchy of needs (as part of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs), he put Shelter among the most basic physiological needs, alongside food and clothing. While the process of buying food and clothing is much simpler, shelter isn’t. It is here that real estate agents step in and make this process simple for us.

Since home is one of our basic physiological needs, the housing market is expectedly a multi-trillion dollar market. When we set-out to make this most expensive investment of our lives, it is but common knowledge that we are expected to do due diligence of the property. In the absence of specialized real estate knowledge, we are well advised to take help of experts, the real estate agencies or realtors. In this directory, we set-out to list leading and interesting real estate agents and related resources.

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